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Issue no. 66, 13 January 2014
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from the Blog

  Secular stagnation and endogenous money

  Steve Keen        pdf        2         


  Micro versus Macro       

  Lars Pålsson Syll        pdf        12   


  On facts and values: a critique of the fact value dichotomy

  Joseph Noko          pdf        30


  Modern Money Theory and New Currency Theory: A comparative discussion

  Joseph Huber        pdf            38


  Fama-Shiller, the Prize Committee and the “Efficient Markets Hypothesis”

  Bernard Guerrien and Ozgur Gun        pdf        58      


  How capitalists learned to stop worrying and love the crisis

  Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan        pdf        65


  Two approaches to global competition: A historical review

  M. Shahid Alam        pdf        74


  Dimensions of real-world competition – a critical realist perspective

  Hubert Buch-Hansen        pdf        80


  Information economics as mainstream economics and the limits of reform

  Jamie Morgan and Brendan Sheehan        pdf        95


  The À capability matrix: GDP and the economics of human development

  Jorge Buzaglo           pdf        109


  Open access vs. academic power

  C P Chandrasekhar        pdf        127


  Interview with Edward Fullbrook on
  New Paradigm Economics vs. Old Paradigm Economics        pdf        131


  Book review of

  The Great Eurozone Disaster: From Crisis to Global New Deal       pdf        144


  Comment: Romar Correa on
  “A Copernican Turn in Banking Union”, by Thomas Mayer        pdf        147


   Editorial Board, Submissions, past contributors, and etc.          149 



Is bitcoin ´money´? The Post Keynesian view   


Individual rationality is the wrong starting point 


Summary of the Great Transformation by Polanyi


Economics textbooks – how to get away with scientific fraud 


Two American epochs (charts)  


Deutsche bank: fifteen shades of fraud


“Such an economy kills”


Interest rates in The Netherlands (1590-2012) and the UK (1703-1912)


Reflections on the “Inside Job”


Mathematical modelling in economics


Handbag economics: The ideology of austerity


Economists and astronomers: Why are the former lost in space?




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