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To:  The Faculty Members of the Harvard Economics Department

We, the undersigned, believe that Harvard has a responsibility to provide its eight hundred introductory economics students with a more balanced perspective than is currently offered in Social Analysis 10: Principles of Economics, commonly known as Ec 10.

We are therefore delighted that Stephen Marglin, the Walter S. Barker Professor of Economics, has proposed to teach a one-semester alternative introductory microeconomics class. This proposed class will cover the same material as the first semester of Ec 10 and use the same text as Ec 10 does, but it will attempt a better balance and coverage of a broader spectrum of views in the Readings/Workbook. It will also examine the assumptions of economics critically, so that students can assess the limits as well as the strengths of economics. Taken with the second semester of Ec 10, we believe that students would receive a solid introduction to the principles of economics.

We believe that a liberal arts education should not only teach students the accepted modes of thinking, but also challenge students to think critically and deeply about conventional truths. In the spirit of a liberal-arts education, we urge the esteemed members of the Harvard Economics Department to approve Professor Marglin's proposed course.


The Undersigned

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