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The Perestroika Movement  -  a sister movement to PAE in political science

     An Open Letter to the APSA Leadership and Members
     Political Scientists Are in a Revolution Instead of Watching  
          Emily Eakin   (New York Times)

     Perestroika/Glasnost and Taking Back the APSR
          Sven Steinmo
     Discipline out of Touch with Real-World Concerns
          Therese S. Gunawardena-Vaughn
     Perestroika: For An Ecumenical Science of Politics
          Gregory Kaska

     Unreal, Man

          Kurt Jacobsen  (The Guardian, April 2001)

     Student Petition of Autisme-Economie

          Kurt Jacobsen   (Post-Autistic Economics Review, May 2001)

     Colloquy:The Perestroika Movement in Political Science
          Chronicle of Higher Education,  Sept. 2001

     Storming the Palace in Political Science
          D. W. Miller  (Chronicle of Higher Education,  Sept. 2001)