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Issue no. 50,    8 September 2009

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  On the occasion of this journal’s 50th issue I would like to thank its 11,000 subscribers for your implicit support.  Most of all thanks are owed to the 212 people who have contributed to this journal since its quirky inception in August 2000. They are, as always, listed in order of their first appearance on the last page of the issue.
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In this issue: 

What is Minsky all about, anyway?          3

Korkut Ertürk and Gökcer Özgür           download pdf


The policy implications of the General Theory           16

Geoff Tily            download pdf       


Ecological macroeconomics: Consumption, investment, and climate change          34

Jonathan M. Harris         download pdf


Peak oil – coming soon but when?          48

Lewis L. Smith           download pdf

  The financial crisis - Part V

   America ’s exhausted paradigm:          52   
Thomas I. Palley           download pdf    


   It’s that “vision” thing          75

Jan Kregel             download pdf  


  Efficient market theory vs. Keynes’s liquidity theory          85

Paul Davidson           download pdf     

Crisis in the heartland: Consequences of the New Wall Street System          101

Peter Gowan             download pdf  


How should the collapse of the world financial system affect economics? - Part III


It is agreed that the current economic crisis has shown that the standard models of academic economics are seriously wanting. Should the main emphasis of reform be on developing new formal models or to an opening up of economics to methods other than traditional modelling?

            The Dahlem Group on Economic Modeling         download pdf         118         


            Tony Lawson          download pdf          122      

Economists and economics: What does the crisis tell us?          132   

Luigi Spaventa           download pdf


Mainstream economics and Iceland 's economic collapse          143

Gunnar Tómasson          download pdf   


Goodbye, homo economicus          151

Anatole Kaletsky          download pdf


Past Contributors, etc.           157


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