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post-autistic economics review
Issue no. 16, 17 October 2002                             back issues at www.paecon.net
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In this issue:

Bernard Guerrien
                                 Once Again on Microeconomics

James G. Devine
                                 Psychological Autism, Institutional Autism and Economics

Richard Wolff
                                 “Efficiency”: Whose Efficiency?

Jamie Morgan
                                 Social being as a problem for an ethical economics

                  - Robert Heilbroner and William Milberg
                                 Revisiting The Crisis of Vision in Modern Economic Thought

                  - Comment:
                                 Frankfurter on Mouchot and Harry Truman




EDITOR: Edward Fullbrook
CORRESPONDENTS: Argentina: Iserino;  Australia: Joseph Halevi, Steve Keen:  Brazil: Wagner Leal Arienti; France: Gilles Raveaud,
Olivier Vaury, J. Walter Plinge;  Germany: Helge Peukert; Greece: Yanis Varoufakis; Japan: Susumu Takenaga; United Kingdom:
Nitasha Kaul;  United States: Benjamin Balak, Daniel Lien, Paul Surlis:  At large: Paddy Quick
PAST CONTRIBUTORS: James Galbraith, Frank Ackerman, André Orléan, Hugh Stretton, Jacques Sapir, Edward Fullbrook, Gilles
Raveaud, Deirdre McCloskey, Tony Lawson, Geoff Harcourt, Joseph Halevi, Sheila C. Dow, Kurt Jacobsen, The Cambridge 27, Paul
Ormerod, Steve Keen, Grazia Ietto-Gillies, Emmanuelle Benicourt, Le Movement Autisme-Economie, Geoffrey Hodgson, Ben Fine,
Michael A.
Bernstein, Julie A. Nelson, Jeff Gates, Anne Mayhew, Bruce Edmonds, Jason Potts, John Nightingale, Alan Shipman,
Peter E. Earl, Marc Lavoie, Jean Gadrey, Peter Söderbaum, Bernard Guerrien, Susan Feiner, Warren J. Samuels, Katalin
George M. Frankfurter, Elton G. McGoun, Yanis Varoufakis, Alex Millmow, Bruce J. Caldwell, Poul Thøis Madsen, Helge Peukert,

Dietmar Lindenberger, Reiner Kümmel, Jane King, Peter Dorman, K.M.P. Williams, Frank Rotering, Ha-Joon Chang, Claude Mouchot,
Robert E.

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